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The President's Club is a group of agents in The Alliance that have invested in themselves and their business to grow personally and financially. President's Club members not only take advantage of enriching their lives but they also have a passion for enriching other people's lives as well, by committing to achieving greater things in life and in business with The Alliance.

This leadership development program is designed to give agents the tools necessary to become the president of their business. Aside from receiving access to training resources, you'll receive insightful and in-depth business coaching from Andy Albright as well as other top leaders at The Alliance. We challenge anyone who thinks just working with The Alliance brings enough success to move to the next level and become a President's Club member today.

Benefits of Membership

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"The President's Club has been such a great tool for all of the new agents that join us! We know that when they join the President's Club, they will move faster and their results will compound from the superior tools in the program! Andy Albright certainly over delivers on this program. From his special over the shoulder calls, university calls, the members receiving special discounts and learning about new exciting tools and programs before everyone else. As a bonus, President's Club members receive special discounts and the best seating at the events, as well as special closed door trainings at the events for members only! And as we all know, it is about association, and the President's Club puts them in a place for associating with like minded people. Winners and people that are willing to do what it takes to succeed."

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"When you're standing on one side of a mine field and your objective, dream, goal is on the other side you've got two choices: either walk through yourself, carefully stepping hoping not to get blown up, OR you can follow in the footsteps of someone who has already navigated the clear path to your destination. By stepping in their footprints, you will achieve your goals. President's Club is the embodiment of that clear path to successfully achieving your financial dreams and goals. You need not be in the fog of war confused, not knowing where the enemy is that will keep you a prisoner of mediocrity and financial fear. All you need to do is open up the proven strategic and tactical war plan that is President's Club that will ensure, you will win the war on poverty and take home the prize of financial freedom for you and your family."