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About President's Club

The Alliance President's Club is the core of what helps our agents reach the next level and experience success in their business. The benefits of this elite club are unparalleled, as you are given exclusive access to advanced training and resources straight from Andy Albright, Alex Fitzgerald and the other top leaders of the Alliance.

President's Club is a private leadership development program dedicated to helping agents obtain the next level in The Alliance as well as personal and financial growth. Whether you're just trying to get on the agent levels map or become a Chairman's Council Member, President's Club offers help and guidance at every level.

When you become part of our team you are given preferential treatment when it comes to training, resources, events, and coaching with our staff. You also receive access to the The Alliance educational training package, which is nearly an endless supply of training videos and MP3s, recorded directly from some of the industry's most successful people.

President's Club is the foundation of any successful business in The Alliance. By learning from the top agents in The Alliance and implementing their advice, you will build a solid business from the ground up!