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President's Club Retreats

The President's Club retreat is an exclusive opportunity for our members to hang out with one another and the top leaders, while sneaking in some valuable training.

Each year the President's Cub picks a destination to bring its members to facilitate association and camaraderie, training, team building and just to have fun with the top 100 producers of National Agents Alliance!

In past years, the President's Club retreat took place at the U.S. National Whitewater Center in Charlotte, N.C., where its members participated in activities like whitewater rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, and other leadership and team building activities. During the commute, Alex Fitzgerald, Alex Abuyuan, Stephen Davies, Adam Katz and Andy Albright took advantage of the drive time and turned the buses into rolling Hotspot meetings, ensuring that President's Club members can take full advantage of the valuable time spent with these leaders.

One thing is for sure, when you take advantage of President's Club's annual retreat, you won't walk away without making new friends, forming stronger bonds, and learning something new.