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"The President's Club gets you the education you need. If you want to be a brain surgeon, you need to know what a brain is...right? And that is what the President's Club is. It gives you the foundation at The Alliance."

Alex Fitzgerald - EVP

"President's Club is a way for you to go out there and expand your mind and expand your business like nothing else we have."

Adam Katz - RM

The President's Club has been such a great tool for all of the new agents that join us! We know that when they join the President's Club, they will move faster and their results will compound from the superior tools in the program!  Andy Albright certainly over delivers on this program. From his special over the shoulder calls, university calls, the members receiving special discounts and learning about new exciting tools and programs before everyone else. As a bonus, President's Club members receive special discounts and the best seating at the events, as well as special closed door trainings at the events for members only! And as we all know, it is about association, and the President's Club puts them in a place for associating with like minded people. Winners and people that are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Once they start digging into the President's Club they wonder why everyone isn't taking advantage of it!

It's such a small investment vs. the results... it's crazy!

Diane Lampe - EVP

When you're standing on one side of a mine field and your objective, dream, goal is on the other side you've got two choices: either walk through yourself, carefully stepping hoping not to get blown up, OR you can follow in the footsteps of someone who has already navigated the clear path to your destination.

By stepping in their footprints, you will achieve your goals. President's Club is the embodiment of that clear path to successfully achieving your financial dreams and goals. You need not be in the fog of war confused, not knowing where the enemy is that will keep you a prisoner of mediocrity and financial fear. All you need to do is open up the proven strategic and tactical war plan that is President's Club that will ensure, you will win the war on poverty and take home the prize of financial freedom for you and your family.

Alex Abuyuan - RM

President's Club is being part of a winning team here at The Alliance. It is all about surrounding yourself with individuals that want to take on the world and WIN. We believe in abundance, greatness, giving and being significant in many lives. Go get yours, because I am definitely getting mine with The Alliance Presidents Club.

Paul Roberts - EVP

President's Club to me is where the winners are plain and simple.  I can honestly say that I am a completely different person than I was 4 years ago when I met The Alliance, Andy Albright, and joined President's Club. I remember going to my first conference in Dallas, TX and seeing the President's Club booth setup. I wasn't even sure exactly what it was at the time, I just saw the type of people that were members of it and remember thinking that I wanted to be like them.  These were people that seemed to have their life together, who were making money, and definitely seemed to be having fun... so I joined.  Boy I'm glad I did.

Since joining President's Club in January 2008, it has put me around people that have really stretched the vision I have of myself.  I can honestly say by being around the winners of the organization is what has allowed us to grow our income from just $120,000 my first year, to over $250,000 my second year, over $370,000 my third year, and continuing to increase this year!

I am thankful for the friendships that have developed out of being a part of such an elite group of people and the experiences it has given my wife Courtney and I.  Not just the trips that we have gotten out of it like the white water rafting and zip-lining adventures, but the special meetings we get to attend and be able to ask the top guys hard hitting questions and really have them open up in the smaller intimate environments that President's Club creates.

President's Club has really opened up the doors that have allowed us to make the most of our The Alliance business!

Chris Long - NM

"Successful people think differently than everybody else, plain and simple. President's Club allows you an unlimited glimpse into the minds of the foremost thinkers in The Alliance. One of the commonalities of all the top successful people in The Alliance, is they belong to President's Club."

When I first joined The Alliance, my constant curiosity was discerning what all the top people had in common. I figured if I could find that out and do just that I could join their ranks at some point. Let me tell you that, that strategy has worked out better than I could have ever imagined. On those grounds alone if your desire is to be successful you need to join Presidents Club. Beyond that, President's Club grants you access to the mind of a genius, Andy Albright, through the media and educational opportunities it makes available to you. After having the opportunity to be directly mentored by Andy Albright for over decade, I have come to learn the difference between successes and failures boils down to their thought processes and levels of consciousness. President's Club is how you learn those thought processes and maintain those levels of consciousness. Nowhere else can you find the amount of wisdom about our business for so modest of an investment in yourself. The gaining of wisdom has a compounding effect, so every day that you delay is a day lost in the compounding process that you can never get back.

Stephen Davies - VP

President's Club is all about associating with WINNERS and sharing the SPIRIT of winning and succeeding. There is nothing better than sitting in a room of WINNERS aspiring to be better leaders and share stories of what they have accomplished and why. I love reading the books that Andy Albright has asked me to read and I love listening to the MP3'S in the library The Alliance provides. I love watching NAAtv broadcast and all of these are GREAT ways to obtain and maintain a winning mindset! BUT NOTHING, I mean NOTHING can replace the experience of it LIVE, this is what President's Club provides! A live, up close and personal contact with the WINNERS and LEADERS of The Alliance that will all aspire to be more like!

Eric Bellaire - DM